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Monday, 16 May 2011


Salam~ :)

greetings bloggers. last sunday i had my "kenduri doa slamat" for my going to further my studies and also the wida' for ayah going to umrah.
it went well, alhamdulillah :) a lot of people turned up. even my bestfriends did, though not all of 'em. i'll miss all of you when i'm away :)

Wednesday, 11 May 2011


Salam~ :)

so here are the things that you missed out :
1. Last Outing?
yesterday i went out with lau meen, salwa and nadzri. we had so much fun that i think it was the best outing so far this year :)
as usual, i was again assigned as their driver,picked 'em up and sent them back ==''. but this time, i didn't complain at all. know why? cause lau meen hesitated on treating me ( mcm biasa~) haha! so i didn't spend even a single cent yesterday. yay me! and thanks lau ;)
after we arrived at 'the Spring', the four of us ate lunch and took some pics tgether. after that, the boys went to search for their source of entertainment and salwa and me went to PADINI for window shopping. though i was tempted a lot by the discounts signed displayed at every shelf, i managed to abstain myself from spending my money. i need to save bah :D haha. then, we went to the Surau for zohor prayer. later, we met up with the boys at kbox. it was my first time there and i was so excited. the room was small but comfy enough for the four of us. we were served 3 jugs of different drinks and some tit bits. but before we were about to start our karaokeing session, the place suddenly blacked out. it was for fully 30minutes. but we didn't feel that bad though, we chatted all way through and it was like being in a very calm situation when you don't have to worry about anything but to just focus on your talk and rest away. when the electricity came back, we karaoked from 2.30 till 4.30pm. haha~ it was hella fun!! i love singing sooo much~ ~ :) though my voice isnt that powerful like kak Ila, im still glad i can sing though. at least there's something i'm good at other than babbling around all day. 
that might be the last time i'll ever go out with my friends before i'm off to pahang. and i'm so elated that it ended up as awesome as planned. i love you guys. and i'll see you guys soon. time raya maybe? :)

2. Medical Check-up
I had my medical check-up today~ :) it was my first i guess, ever since birth. HAHA. i just knew that my height is 146cm. am I that short? people always make fun of me cause i'm so short that they always mistook me as a middle schooler. i'll be turning 18 this year for God's sake. i need to get taller. but i know i'm not gonna anymore. anyway, my eyesight,blood pressure,body xray is normal. my ph for the urine test was high though. it was 8. mybe i ate too much. gah. im getting fatter and fatter by the day. i need to stop eating so much lah =='' or else i wont be attractive and lucious like beyonce. haha! as if. dahla pendek, berisi pulak tu. berangan~

3. 2nd Cousin
my parents and I will be goin to KL on the 19th on the 6am flight. Sadiqi and his parents will be joining us. Sadiqi is my 2nd cousin and he's the only person i know who'll be goin to the kuantan campus with me. im so glad im gonna have a family member with me but its kinda a bummer though that he's a dude. moreover, he's super shy, doesnt talk much and only talk to me if i'm the first to strike a conversation. so its nonetheless like being with a stranger. well, i'm gonna try my hardest in trying to be close to him though :) bonds are important. remember that people. besides, there's also a reason why. ahhaa. he's really cute :) gah~ kenja. 

oh well, will babble more soon!
oh dont worry, i'll keep you posted for more news!

-small boy on her bike-

Friday, 6 May 2011

A Future Lawyer = ANIES!! :)

Salam~ :)

so here's the big news : i got accepted by the course that i wanted!! which is asasi undang2 :) 
eventhough i didn't got into the university i wished for (uiam) but uitm is like my 2nd choice so i'm glad anyway.
can you believe it? i finally found my silver lining and it is awesome. being rejected in the past from the TESL courses aren't that sad now, it could have meant that i'm destined to be taking law afterall.
my parents are so proud of me and i can't wait to start my new life as a university student. leaving sarawak, and embarking my new journey into the world of a true adulthood. 

pray the best for me!
will write soon! ;)

-small boy on her bike-

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

giddy day :3

Salam~ :)

hello bloggers! how's your day? mine's great, thanks. i went to school with Bells today. and then both of us went out for lunch at Mcdonald wit Nasrol, Shuk and Hashry. its the first time Nasrol and I had ever clicked. I mean, I went out with him 3 times since last year and never once did we ever talk. but today we did. thanks to Bells for being there. I can see now that both of them really do suit each other. watching them teasing one another was like the sweetest and giddiest thing ever. :) i wish the best for both of you.

anyway, i saw donkey at school today but we didn't chat. i just saw him from afar and so did he, and we just waved at each other. i know he's been tracing my steps all day, going to places i might go. isn't it sweet of him? :) sometimes, i feel like he shouldn't like someone like me. i mean, i think he deserves better. just look at me. i'm different than him. he's nice, islamic and listens to nasyid and read inspirational islamic books. and me, i wear tudung, but i dress inappropriately, not like a true muslimah should be, i dont listen to nasyid that much and i read romance novels. can you see the huge difference there?? but he said he didnt mind. what important is the heart. true3. but i wont think about feelings right now. maybe when i'm a tad older, i would. :)

okay. bye for now

-small boy on her bike-

Monday, 2 May 2011


Salam~ :)

last sunday, i went out with some friends and my little brother. i was the one being the driver that day so i was assigned to pick them up and send them back home after that. my ex came too. my lil bro and him made a promise long time ago that my ex would treat him for the day. i knew it would be awkward with him (my ex) around cause i don't think we had that clean of a break up. he told me before that he'd wait for me until his heart leaves no space anymore for my return. but i know it wouldn't worked out anyway if i did. i just don't feel the same way anymore. long story short, i was being the plain old happy me, always cheerful, laughing at everything though they ain't funny (like my jokes) and i noticed him being rather gloomy all day. so when i got back home, he texted me. saying that its amazing how fast i changed my feelings and how normal i acted like he was just another memory from the past. well, what should i do then? its not like i havent felt miserable at all fr the past months. and i know that its fast. i hate it that i changed my mind too fast. but what can i do? its not something that i can control. people are people and sometimes we change our minds. i just wish that he could just man up about it and to stop saying things like, im forgetting you once n for all. there's nothing i can do to change his mind at all. im not in the right position to do so. i want him to forget about me, move on and be happy. and he agreed. but he chose the method of cutting me off. okay, i'll let you do that if you think that could help. i want the best for you. thinking about how hurt he is, im always blaming myself. how could i not? im a heartbreaker. im the most awful person in the whole universe. i just cant help it. i have to be true to myslf. if i dont, what good could it brings. it wouldnt be fair to either of us. i love you but i'm not in love with you. or am i with anyone else. there's somebody out there who's meant for me. and i hope i'll find him soon. not now. but soon. and i hope you will too. thanks for loving me all this time. we had been together for almost a year and it was my frst real relationship, it was special. live ur life well. and all the best. and i'll be okay. so, yeah. dont worry. :)

-small boyon her bike-

Friday, 29 April 2011


I might still be a bit down about not being accepted by matrik yesterday (not as if i really wanted it but...i just hate being rejected again and again) but!! as obvious as it is written in the title, i got a new bike today!! 

remember the bike i mentioned earlier? the free bike we ex spmers are gettin? well, i just retrieved mine today :) 
nabelle got it before me though cause she went and got it soon after the prize giving ceremony was over. when i got to the bike shop 3 days after, the bikes were all wiped out. wow. teenagers these days. they just got more impatient by the day dont they? ==''
so thats why i have been waiting, WAITING for a very long time for the new stocks to come. now that it has i am so excited :)

but, bells bike is slightly different than mine. gah. who am i kidding. its waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay different than mine. how? well, for starters, hers got a basket and mine doesnt. hers is more girlier ( you know, the ones with pictures of flowers on it) and mine can be used by both gender. hers is smaller, the perfect size for a girl. mine is humongous that my feet cant even reach the ground. XD haha!
why? there were 2 sizes of the new bikes. one is smaller, my size. the other one is....BIGGER. so i chose the bigger one. :3 why? well, a bit of a challenge wont hurt me...rite? haha!
it is so big that the tyres look bigger than me :) so yeah, imagine it.

at first i chose the colour pink. i like it sooo much cause its such a striking coulour that i could imagine everyone noticing it as i rode by. but after the bladder of the tyre burst twice, TWICE after being pumped, i started to think that maybe im too young to die :P
so i went with the colour orange. the colour strikes too so yeah. :DD

gah. i babbled too much. :) well, i enjoy babbling. dont u knw? im the queen of babble. whahaha~ cant wait to ride it round sukma with bells tomorrow.

till i babble next time. :)

-small boy on her bike-

Thursday, 28 April 2011

crying me eyeballs out


why? why wont they choose me???! im tired of being rejected a lot! im tired of waiting anxiously for something that in the end would never be mine! im so jealous, envious, of the others who got interviews and accepted by matriks. i know im not interested at all in matrik, but i was really hoping to have some sort of back up if im not accepted at UIA. but now, back up ng langsung xda. God!
upsi and uitm didnt even accept me for tesl. that was such a dissapointment in the first place,and now matrik. Gahhhhh!!! im losing my mind. what? IC num ku terok glakka sampe suma xtrimak? my spm result that bad ka??? i didnt want to cry but i did. im so so so upset. im so so frustrated. im fucking mad. 
sabar nies. sabar. 
what if, i wouldnt gt into UIA. what would happen then? 
im scared. im scared that im left behind while the others are moving forward, knowing their next path to go. but i dont.

Ya Allah, berikanlah aku kekuatan ya Allah. makbulkanlah doa kua ya Allah. 

pray for me.

-small boy on her bike-